I don’t know much about classical music. Isn’t it boring? Will I be able to understand and appreciate what’s being played?
Boring? Hardly! This is LIVE music played by professional musicians in a beautiful concert hall. We play exciting, romantic and entertaining music with the power to move you. One thing’s for sure: You don’t need a degree in music to understand passion. Trust us we’ve got passion by the bucket load.

Will I have to dress up?
Some people dress up a little if they’re trying to impress a date. Some wear what they’d wear to church. Others come in their jeans or even leather motorcycle pants. Bottom line: Come as you are. We want you to be comfortable and remember: The most important thing is how the music sounds, not how the audience looks.

Will I know anybody there?
Probably. We have all kinds of folks in our audience from all walks of life. You might see a friend from your neighborhood, your favorite local celebrity or even your high school sweetheart at our concerts!

Will I feel strange coming alone?
Not at all. On any given night, we have at least fifty people attending on their own. Maybe you’ll meet the next Mr./Ms. Right or at least a new friend with the same interests as you. As symphony goers, you already have something in common!

How will I know when to clap?
Some pieces are broken up into different sections with no clapping in between but we always say so in the program. Just watch the people around you and when in doubt, clap! Our musicians are playing their hearts out for you, and your applause means everything.

Will I be safe and comfortable?
Absolutely. You’ll arrive at a well-lighted theater staffed with volunteer ushers inside and out. We’ll help you find a place to park, make sure you get to your seat and answer any questions you have.

Is it difficult to buy tickets?
Nope. It’s easy. We now offer online ticketing.  Just click on the menu tab called “Tickets”, or click here.  Otherwise, you can still order tickets the old-fashioned way by calling 816-233-7701 or stopping by our office at 120 South 8th Street in St. Joseph. We’re open from 9-5 every weekday, and the Missouri Theater Box Office opens at 5:30pm on the night of each concert.

Will it cost too much?
How much did you spend at the fast food restaurant last night? You can see a symphony concert for as little as $10. That’s right ten clams, ten shekels, ten pictures of George Washington or if you prefer, two pictures of Abraham Lincoln or one engraved picture of Alexander Hamilton (no, he isn’t a dead president but worthy of being on the ten-dollar bill, look him up!). That’s one sawbuck. Wouldn’t you rather have a couple of hours of live music than a cheeseburger? Me, too.