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Watch for Season 2024-25 Tickets to Go On Sale This Summer!

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The Arts Need You

It’s all about commitment to the things you value in life. You don’t have to be particularly wealthy to become an Arts Patron. Financial support is vital to the survival of the arts, but there is no minimum amount of time or money required. A patron can be defined as a “special guardian, protector or sustainer.” The arts and our expressions of them are key to our very humanity. Your participation feeds your soul and makes the experience available to others – win-win!

Put Your Heart Into It

The SJS has always been powered and empowered by volunteers. Your time, energy and ideas are invaluable to keeping the SJS vibrant and healthy. Leadership skills are needed from board guidance to peer fundraising to door greeters. To offer your particular skills or explore the possibilities, email or call 816-233-7701.

Come, and Bring a Friend

We invite you to take an active role in building an audience for the SJS. Simply attending performances shows tremendous support for the talented players and our music director who bring decades of mastering their craft to our stage for your uplift and enjoyment. There is no better promotion than word-of-mouth and better yet, the personal invitation of a friend. When the room is full – the energy brings both performers and audience members to life and takes the  experience to the next level! How many seats can you fill this season?

The Host with the Most?

Do you enjoy extending hospitality? Some have a real gift for bringing a group together to benefit a common cause. Or perhaps you have an interesting space that you’d like to offer as a fund-raising venue for the symphony. Let’s brainstorm your ideas!

Social Media Influencer?

Do you have an online presence? Do you have followers that might be interested in learning more about our regional symphony orchestra? We value your expertise in this arena. We’d love to provide you with exclusive content to encourage more people to discover the power and the beauty of live orchestral performance in St Joseph!

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