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Instrument Infusion

Instrument Infusion / January 12 & 13, 2023

A field trip for all 5th graders in the St Joseph School District that provides a hands-on opportunity to “try out” a variety of brass, wind and string instruments to encourage their instrument choices as 5th graders. Instrument Infusion has been a successful collaboration between the St Joseph Symphony, the St Joseph School District and Missouri Western State University, which hosts the event on campus. 

Meal Sponsors and Volunteers Needed

A box lunch and snacks are provided for the approximately 40 music educators and adult volunteers that staff the event each of two days. Volunteers are needed to help guide students between stations and to sanitize the brass and wind instruments between uses. Please contact the symphony office if you can assist with either of these important tasks! Fill out the volunteer form below or call 816-233-7701.

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